Before dry cleaning all garments are individually inspected for stains, soiling, rips & tears.  Any stains are delicately treated using the appropriate pre-spotting agents ensuring the safe removal of each stain.  We specialise in the dry cleaning of silks & fine fabrics, and very often have safely removed stains that other dry cleaners have not been able to successfully remove.

At the next stage of the process your garments are delicately washed in the dry cleaning machine using specially formulated solvents, all garments are cleaned using 100% virgin solvents and we retexture and fragrance all garments during each & every wash.

Your garments are then moved to the finishing room where our expert hand-finishers will carefully steam & iron your garments inside, then ensuring the ultimate finish (we do not hard press any garments).

The final stage of the process is quality control, all garments undergo a final check at which point they are carefully lint rolled and de-fuzzed. Your garments are then perfectly packaged and presented using ph balanced acid free tissue, ready for your collection.

Each and every stage of the process is closely monitored & handled by the Milton’s family.

We pride ourselves on our high standards therefore we feel that offering a  ”Gold, platinum or 5 star service” would be pointless and contradictory.

Always point out any stain/s you are aware of at the counter, and please avoid leaving stained garments in your wardrobe for long periods of time, some stains can set into the fibres of particular garments making it more difficult for us to achieve optimum results.